Monday, July 17, 2017

Very First Customer

This was my first Rohonda paying customer who also happens to be my best friend, Lori. When the Rohonda dresses arrived at my house she was the first one over to take a look and try on and bring the enthusiasm.  Lori always brings the enthusiasm.  She brings the enthusiasm, the encouragement, the box of candy to your house when you're in a rough spot, the wisdom and the continual fun.  Her amount of support is immeasurable and never ending.  I told her to take which ever dress or dresses that she wanted but she wanted to be a customer.  When she was on a family trip out of state, she ordered online her Rohonda.  I think she may have at least used a coupon! The purchase of this dress was not however about the dress.  It was about friendship of over 30 years.  It was about being there in all kinds of life moments whether they are great, good or down right bad.  It's about her patience for me because sometimes I must really drive her crazy.
Today happens to be her birthday and even though she is a bit younger than I am, (a little) it's from her that so many of my important life skills have been learned.  Her priority of her faith, her family, her friends, her generosity has never wavered and I've observed her through a lot. From the top of her head with the cute blonde/purple hair to the toe of her cool leopard print shoes, I just haven't found the flaw. 
At Lori's house, outside on her patio is where I would guess is one of her most favorite places to be.  Her son built a large, beautiful table where there's room enough for everyone.  The whole family, Scott and Lori, their kids, kids in law, grand kids can all be in one spot laughing and eating and sharing.  She has traveled many places in this world but I know that when she sits at this table and looks around and breathes it all in, that she wouldn't choose to be any place else.  It's while seated there on the patio she would tell you she has the most loveliest view.
I've got the best seat in the house
I've got the most beautiful view
You can't imagine how it feels
Just sitting here looking at you
That's what I love to do
I've got the best seat in the house

Happy birthday Lori, I can't imagine my life without you!  Love you tons.